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October 1, 2009

first things first: gratuitous photos of the small ones, taken at an apple orchard last weekend. Tree climbing, hayrides, apple donuts, puppet shows, a wine tasting BARN…these farmers knew how to make ALL of us happy…we had a delightful time and there were so many photo-perfect moments that I had to force myself to put the camera AWAY and really enjoy the kids without the lens in their faces. It was so hard, but I managed it and love these photos even more for the actual moments spent in between the image making. A good rule of thumb, I think, when it comes to taking photos of my own kids: to make sure their own memories of me mostly include a face without a lens attached.




Now, on to busy-ness! Did you notice the new? The shine? The sparkle? I’ve been working hard on this new website, teaching myself all sorts of html and ftp and wxyz. Who knew I was such a computer programmer? I plan to use these fancy digs to update our  far and away families about our goings on and to display sneak peaks of the photo work I’ve been doing. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the sweetest family in the last couple of weeks, and I look forward to sharing some of my favorite images from that shoot with you here soon.

In the meantime, can I say that I’m so excited? And happy? And that when I sit in the library amidst the dusty old books and try to crank out a line, a paragraph, a very painful page, a chapter–oh the agony!–on my dissertation day after day, that I let my mind wander to this other *thing*–this magical, soft light that I see in my head and am training my camera to reproduce–and I can barely contain myself with the unabated joy of it? And that I let my toes tap on the cold tile floor and I squirm in my seat and MAN I am feeling so. damn. right. with the world?