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the art of resuming

March 6, 2011

Oh my poor blog, do I have some ‘splaining to do to you or what? So much so that I’ve decided I’m just not going to do it. Rather, I’ll just carry on here as though we haven’t missed a beat. Will that annoy you infernally? Do you demand to know just where I’ve gone off to this whole time and and why on earth I think I can just waltz back in here as though it’s nothing at all? Well then I’ll say this much: it has something to do with grand commitments gone awry and a self-defeating impulse, one that makes it hard to come out of hiding, among other things. So there. It’s all you’ll get out of me la ti da la ti da.

If, however, I had been true to plan, you would know that the whole of our December and a little of our January looked metaphorically like this:

Since, things have been looking up.

But more on that later. Promise.

{wink wink}