when we were young

November 29, 2010

You said that Led Zeppelin was the greatest band of all time; I laughed about your botched Zeppelin tattoo a lot.

I ate an entire cheesecake sitting on your kitchen floor. I wanted to stop, but I just couldn’t. It was also your birthday cake. I cried from guilt and self-disgust. You still like to tell that story.

You said you wanted to be a fireman, and so you walked up to a fire station, knocked on the red door, and asked a fireman how to become a fireman. I like telling that story.

I walked across the tops of train cars stalled in the quarry to impress you. I jumped from rock to rock over the rushing falls, trying to act as though I did it all the time.

I wanted four kids; you wanted two;. we both wanted redheads.

We wrote each other letters, the pen-and-ink kind, in lieu of gifts. I want to do more of that again.

We lived in the upper half of a house and payed $120 a month for rent. Then, we lived in a loft downtown and payed $600 in rent. We never ever ever imagined we’d be paying what we are currently paying in rent.

We spent a summer apart–you in Alaska, me in Vermillion–and we promised each other never ever ever to be apart like that again.

I loved you the most in all the world.

Still do.

That’s all.

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4 Responses to “when we were young”

  1. Nicki says:


    P.S. Where has your blog been all my life?

  2. Jen McGill says:

    I remember many of these stories shared over coffee at Peet’s or that god awful coffee shop by BC. Thanks for rekindling them!

  3. Ellie says:

    How can anyone ever not love Andy. He’s just so……loveable.

  4. kate says:

    Oh good grief. Crying.

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