I’m going to miss New York.

November 30, 2010

Do they have Thanksgiving too, Mama, where we are going?

No baby, they don’t. But you’ll get to live in a real house! And I promise we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving anyway. And you can have a yard to yourself where you’ll build snow forts and climb trees and run through a sprinkler in the summer. And if we want we can barbeque outside every day when its nice. And we can throw Halloween bashes and birthday parties and we won’t have to change the dates if it starts to rain.

Will you miss New York, Jack?

Nah…can I live in the attic?!


In less than five days, everything is changed. The apartment is on the market; boxes are being packed. My heart is heavy because I love this place, this city. We started our family here. Our kids are New Yorkers through and through and that is some serious street credit, right? We haven’t needed a car in eight years; it’s been such a relief. We walk and walk and walk and there is not another place in the world that has a pedestrian culture like New York. There isn’t another place in the world like New York.

But, the reasons for going are necessary, compelling, exciting. I can’t tell you where yet, but soon. I can say that we are packing up our life and chasing down a dream, all in the hopes that it finds us back here in a few years. We are going so that we can come back and do it right for our little ones.

But of course, you never do know when you first set out on the journey how it will end up.

I know that much by now. That’s why it’s especially hard to go.

{please please please Andy let this be right for them.

deep breath.


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