growing up in South Dakota

December 2, 2010

means never having to worry about cold weather elsewhere.

So that’s a plus about South Dakota.

These are the photos of our place that are currently gracing the NYTimes Real Estate Section:

If you look really close, you can see Juniper hanging out in the back of this one. Woops! Sorry NYTimes!

And this is the boys’ room. We painted it “kiwi” and that’s a pretty awesome shade of green.

Juniper, by the way, has started rolling over by herself. No more leaving her on the stove top unattended, I guess!

Here are the mug shots we had to get done today for our Temporary Work Permit Applications:

A motley crew, eh? Guess which two of us haven’t slept or showered in four days! Guess whose new nickname is Thugsy Malone!

Andy has his interview with the Canadian Consulate tomorrow. The deal is done–he’ll be working for a new company in Ottawa, Canada and the rest of us will be learning how to ice skate on the Rideau Canal. Though between Arlo’s Fro up there, Juniper’s Gangsta and Jack and my identical hairdos, we might be stuck in the States after all.

So there you have it. We are emigrating to the Great White North in as few as three weeks. It’s cold up there. But I’m from the High Plains myself, and I can handle the cold….right?

More soon! Sxx

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5 Responses to “growing up in South Dakota”

  1. Ellie says:

    Ice skating on the Rideau Canal is supposed to be an experience like no other, or so I am told by my Canadian friends. But only while consuming beavertail.

    Fear not Andy, beavertail is the name for a giant doughnut. Like the Canadian version of a Cinnabon. You will be golden!

  2. sarah says:

    Ellie, anything called beavertail just can’t be right.

  3. Aunt Jackie says:

    I Googled Ottawa and it sounds beautiful. A little humid in the summer but what the heck!! I can’t wait to see what my passport photo looks like. I think you guys look great!! Everything works out in the end and this will be a great adventure to look back on. Love you guys!!!

  4. Adela says:

    First I will excuse myself with Ellie and Aunt Jackie about the French that is about to be written down here: WTF!!! THREE WEEKS!! When I heard your voice message I nearly fell off my chair!! The news already being surprising, now I come to thy blog and see that it’s in 3 WEEKS!! Girl, I can only imagine how busy you are…!!! Need more information.

  5. Aunt Julee says:

    As you know, Pierre is from Quebec and has been to Ottawa many times. If you need any help, or guidance, he can help you. He says Ottawa is a wonderful city full of museums and places of interest, like the Parliament building. I’m sure you will love the place. And tell the boys, they observe Thanksgiving there as well. It’s in October instead of November.

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