One windy afternoon, not so very long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Roseanne and Daniel and their gorgeous children for a photo shoot in Central Park. Dan is a photographer himself with a careful eye for detail {Dan, I admit it, I totally googled you before our shoot…Okay, you too Roseanne!} and so I was a bundle of jittery nerves as I waited to meet them near Bethesda Fountain.  They called me to tell me they had arrived, and I had a moment to find them in the park before they saw me. I watched for just a second (not stalker-ish, I promise)–Dan was gently setting his boy on the bench, Roseanne was bent over her little girl, pushing her hair off her forehead–and I was immediately at ease. This, I knew, was going to be a great shoot with a great family. And it was.

Here, I want to share some of my favorites from the session.

Thanks Roseanne and Dan for sharing your family with me. You are my kind of people, and those kids…oh boy those children! A camera’s dream, yes? Sweet little L loves her big brother so much. She watched him carefully–running after him with a pinwheel, blowing her pinwheel when he did, waving it in the wind along with him. At one point she saw that he had put down his beloved train, and when she snatched it up without being seen, her face lit up with delight. And that boy had my heart from the start–smart, funny, so very very sweet. He loves trains and pirates, just like my Jack, and the best part about him is that when you get him to smile–and he makes you work for it–it’s a full-force, from the gut, absolutely contagious ear-to-ear grin (usually accompanied by giggles and squeals) and he was just infectious, that boy.

I was so glad to meet them and play. That was, for me, a really fun afternoon.

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2 Responses to “iconic park + lovely family=great photos”

  1. Roseanne says:

    Now you’ve got me crying. Dork that I am, I just googled Ottawa to make sure it was the capital of Ontario, as I’d sort of vaguely remembered. Guess I’m due to visit Canada.

  2. Ellie says:

    Beautiful family! Beautiful photos!!!

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