December 7, 2010

the number of boxes we have packed thus far.

the number of weeks minus four days that we have left to pack boxes.

the number of copies of the detailed, itemized list of everything that will eventually go into said  boxes in order to cross the border.

the number of boys who were as excited by the empty boxes in the living room as they were when we went to Disney Land last year.

the number of mattresses we have to get rid of, because you can’t bring mattresses into Canada.

the number of words I’ve had a chance to say to Andy this evening amidst all the non-packing going on.

the number of hours between nursing intervals that I’m able to sleep throughout the night. still. three months in.

the number of years on a boy who had his first haircut last night, despite the immense agony it caused his mother to chop the curls.

the number of eyes on a two-year-old boy that were barred from vision by the immensity of said curls prior to aforementioned haircut.


now your turn: give me your two. i’d love to hear them. in an exchange for an image how ’bout? here’s one for you: I like to caption it “Ninja Parenting.”

two seconds after I shot this, Juniper launched her head back in an ear-curdling scream. No wonder.


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