September 27, 2009

I am: a mother and a wife; a PhD candidate in American Literature; a photographer; a historical walking tour guide; a reality t.v. show junkie; a sucker for the underdog.

I live: in New York City, upper west side, though Brooklyn has been calling my name lately…Oh Brooklyn with your cobblestone streets and your wrought iron stoops and your hipster-ness, how I love thee.

I love:  My two boys, Jack and Arlo. Desperately. My husband, just as desperately.  New York City. Brooklyn maybe even a little more. South Dakota. Sleeping in. The first cup of morning coffee (I drink it slow and quietly). William Faulkner. Animals. People, especially mass gatherings of them, like in marathon races, or dancing in concert halls—I watch and get teary-eyed and am always struck to overflowing.

I began: with an idea of something beautiful for myself—the camera that I loved could be *the thing* that I could build a life upon. I began with the courage to go after the life I loved. I began, then, officially in April of 2009: Light Fantastik Photography. Yay!

I hope: to meet friends in this work, to capture an essence in my images of people as they are, to grow as an artist, to be able to say I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER unabashedly and without hesitation, to sharpen my eye, to be inspired, to NOT procrastinate on the things I do for *me*, and most imporantly, I hope to create the photos that hold the most sacred of memories, images that still hang on the walls in other people’s homes fifty years from now, ones that are lovingly dusted by old and worn hands, touched delicately with love, in sweet remembrance, and in deep recognition that this life was oh-so-worth it.

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